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Animals Matter

Where Animals and Families Come


Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home pets. If pets fail

to be adopted for any reason they will live out the remainder of their

lives with us. We do not support euthanasia for the purpose of


controlling pet overpopulation and endeavor to end this practice 


nation wide. It is our goal to provide community support programs


which will preserve longevity in the relationship between family and

pets. Our doors will be open to accept and protect animals from the

 threat of abandonment, abuse, or neglect.




EIN 81-4138893

*Patent pending on this organization's business



" A civilized society must count animals as worthy of moral consideration and ethical treatment. The question is not, Can they reason? nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? "​ - 

Jeremy Bentham

Whether you are shopping for yourself or your loved ones or are donating straight to our organization through our paypal link, your donations will improve the lives of our residents and will provide training, veterinary care, and grooming for our adoptable pets' preparation for their new forever families. 

Dash to or AmazonSmile  and let your shopping work for D.A.S.H


visit our online store where you can purchase a variety of products to meet the needs of your companion animals and have 100% of the profits go to support our rescued animals. 

D.A.S.H. Women's Classic T-Shirt

For a limited time and with a donation of $20 or more, receive this beautiful women's 

t-shirt (retail $25)

or this

D.A.S.H. Classic Men's T-Shirt

( retail $25) 

As our thank you.

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