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Help needed.


A 3 1/2 y.o Chihuahua mix. Found abandoned/stray in Paragould, AR where we rescued him from. He too was to be euthanized the day we got him. Amigo is a darling little guy who is very smart. But he does have some behavioral issues that need to be addressed. He is a biter of  individuals he does not know, a fierce protector of his domain, and is an adventure junky who knows no fear. He desperately needs behavior modification training before we could consider him for adoption.

Help needed


Is a shepherd/hound mix that we also rescued from Paragould, AR. She was ONLY 6 months old. And like Amigo, was to be euthanized the day we got her. Unbelievable! This sweet girl's only "downfall" if you want to consider it that is she does need obedience training 



Foxy is a 1 1/2 year old shepherd mix rescued from Dallas NC. She was about to be put on the shelters euthanasia list because no one wanted her. She had been adopted twice but brought back to the shelter shortly thereafter for people aggression. I can attest to the aggression because when I first met her she lunged at me through the kennel gate and barked aggressively. At 1 1/2, she's already had abuse in her short life.  

After spending a couple of hours with her she came around to me. After this, I felt this little girl to be a diamond in the rough and needed the time and chance to prove this to be true. She has started training to learn the basic common commands and she will need some socialization to learn that all people are not out to harm her. She has gotten along well with the other rescues and remains non-reactive to the smaller yappy dogs. She is proving to be smart, a quick learner and very loving once she knows you.

           Immediate Help Needed


Above photo is of a bite from Toby when he displayed resource guarding such as that in the second video.


Toby is a mix breed chihuahua whose age was estimated at 2 1/2 years by shelter staff. However, since being at DASH, we are estimating his age to be considerably younger at around 1 or 1 1/2. He was at the shelter for a very short time when he began showing severe signs of anxiety. The veterinarian was unable to complete 

an examination due to biting.  Staff had very difficult time getting leash on him for very same reason and when they did get one on he continuously bit at the leash. Found as a stray he had no name so we have named him Toby. Once he knows you and trusts you he is very sweet and affectionate. He is already responding to his new name and beginning obedience training proves him to be very smart and willing to learn. 

Update on Toby: We have discovered that Toby has some pretty severe aggression issues when it comes to food,  treats, and toys. 

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Momma was brought to us as a stray. She was taken in by a family that quickly realized she was pregnant. The family kept her until her four babies were 8 weeks old but couldn't keep all these cats with the ones they already have. So Momma and her kittens are needing loving homes to go to. 

                      Help Needed

                 Momma's kitten #1

Momma's kitten, 11 weeks old. This cute, mischievous little boy needs a loving family to give him his forever home. 

                         Help Needed

                     Momma's kitten #2 

This cutie little petutie is an 11 week  old boy.  He is in need of a loving family to give him his forever home.


                         Help Needed

                   Momma's kitten #3

This darling little girl is 11 weeks old and is needing a new family and a loving home. 

                       Help Needed

                 Momma's kitten #4

This adorable 11 week old little boy is in need of a family and a loving forever home.

                   Help Needed


This pretty little girl is a rare blue-eyed, dwarf Vienna Lion Head rabbit. She is approximately 1 year old. Looking at those beautiful blue eyes and you know where her name comes from. She is an owner surrender due to heavy work and school schedule. She is in need of a new loving forever home.